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Learn how to design eco-friendly solutions.

The Eco-innovation Design Sprint
The Eco-innovation Design Sprint

Learn how to design an eco-friendly product in 5 weeks

Design for a circular economy

Learn how to design products that are ready for a circular economy

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Get started with sustainable design
Learn sustainable design basics

Learn how to design sustainable products

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Ulla Soeder

Hi, I am Ulla Soeder

As the founder of ecobe, a creative eco-design studio, designer and educator I focus on sustainable design solutions.

I help my clients to develop aesthetic, eco-friendly products and communication media, and I like to teach how to do that.

I love being creative and discover and share the wonders of the world with my work. The most beautiful thing is for me when my clients are happy with their eco-friendly designs and products, or if I have discovered a new of nature’s fantastic design tricks.